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How to get more Twitter Followers

Why getting more twitter followers you will be able to drive is traffic to your website and build a stronger and more powerful online presence as you will be able to contact and talk to customers around the world. So the most important question is how do you get more twitter followers? Now a lot of people would say that it requires making lots of very good tweets at a particular frequency or following other people that write good tweets and others will just say that it all comes around by driving traffic to your twitter page and following people so that they in turn they will follow you. So why don’t we explore these two arguments for how to use twitter for business.

Analysing some of the best and most popular twitter users

Now to get a guide on the most popular twitter users we need to go to twitterholic.com where the twitter users with the most followers are listed you will notice that a large majority of these are generally famous in real life, whether it be that they are successful in the business world or they just your run-of-the-mill celebrity. Let’s face it a lot of these people have not had to work hard to build their twitter following as they have not become popular on twitter for writing good tweets. But don’t let this is heartening you you’re not doomed and you can still establish a very good twitter following even if you are not famous.


How you use twitter is not particularly relevant

If you sit around worrying that the frequency of your tweets and how good your tweets are is what is affecting your twitter following then stop obsessing about it. You really need to learn to treat your twitter account a bit like one of your website. The key to success is of course traffic the more traffic you drive to your site the more popular the profile will become. So you need to focus on the big picture, overanalysing every single tweet you do and your tweeting habits is not really can make a difference. The trick to getting more followers is to maximise your visibility just like you would with your blog send visitors there. You need to start thinking of ways to send more people to your twitter page you really need a marketing strategy workout plan of exactly how you’re going to get people to your twitter page and to follow you, you need to think of reasons why most people would want to follow you.

Some ideas to increase your twitter following

You need to make sure that your twitter profile follows you absolutely everywhere you go. Start adding links to your twitter page on the end of you renounce and forum signatures. Also at your twitter page on other social networking medias if you have a profile with Facebook addict there. And if you have other online businesses or applications you can consider using twitter for your customer support or technical help. Try setting up a giveaway or prize on your twitter page or for example create a free tool and advertise it on your twitter page. Another very useful tip is to links to articles at your followers will find useful for example if you’re in the business of seo link to some articles that your followers would find useful in that niche this will help you build a following.

One of the most popular and also effective ways of increasing your twitter followers is by following other twitter users. As normally when you follow a new user they will generally follow you back. But there is a downside to this that you need to be aware of if you follow to many people in a short period of time on twitter you run the risk of being labelled a spammer. So if you’re looking to build a long-term twitter account and have a strategy in place for its long-term goals I recommend you be careful about who you select the follow. One way you can do this is to follow a group of people and get them in return to follow you and then start to cut down your profile numbers (people your following) so that your account looks legitimate. As the main problem with following too many people on twitter is that you get sent so many tweets it is hard to keep up with anybody.

So in summary of the information we have gone through there are a couple of ways to approach building your twitter following you can use it to generate traffic to a website or you can slowly build a network of followers and they twitter reputation. Really how you use your twitter account comes down to your in goals and what you would like to achieve. But if you stick to these core rules you should be able to increase your following no matter what your plan of attack is.